Hi! My name is Jim, I’m a standup comedian from London. 

I also have a YouTube channel that's had more than 1 million views! You can have a peep here.

I’ve gigged with Doc Brown, Holly Walsh, Sara Pascoe, Kevin Day, Hal Cruttenden, Patrick Monahan, Tina T'urner Tea Lady and more!

I was a Golden Jester semi-finalist in 2013 and 2014.

Here are some nice things some lovely people have said about me:

“Boy, did I laugh” – Holly Walsh. 

“Really funny” – Hal Cruttenden

“A great mix of stand up comedy and songs, Jim is a joy to watch” – Michael Buckster, You`re Up Next

“A man who revels in one-liners and geeky rapping so much that you just can’t help but revel with him” – Bec Hill.

If you want to email me for whatever reason (NOT YOU SPAM BOTS!) then please do so to jimdalycomedy @ gmail . com.

And you can follow me on Twitter – @jimdalycomedy.