I'm doing a live comedy show!

Yep, on Thursday November 17th I'm performing my live comedy football show 'Jim And Dave Have Lost The Dressing Room' with my good mate Dave Bibby.

It's an updated version of a show we did for two nights only in August as part of the Camden Fringe so if you weren't able to get down then this is the perfect time to make up for that.

The show is an hour long, kicking off at 7.15pm, and is a mix of songs, jokes, games and sketches about the beautiful game.

Tickets are £10 each but if you enter 'John Barnes' into the promotional code box you get an extra ticket FREE! Essentially making them half price.

We're doing the show at the Leicester Square Theatre right in the heart of London so perfect for after work.

Click here to buy tickets now.

Hopefully see you there!



I have a new podcast!

Because there aren't enough football podcasts in the world, Dave Bibby and I have decided to launch another.

We did a live comedy football show back in August at the Hen & Chickens Theatre as part of the Camden Fringe. It was loads of fun and we enjoyed writing it so much we've decided to do a weekly podcast.

It'll be released every Sunday evening (making it almost instantly out of date for Monday Night Football) on Soundcloud and iTunes (as soon as they accept our submission request) 

In episode 1 we look back at the weekend's action and discuss: pigs on the pitch at Charlton, Joe Allen's chickens, red cards, and for some reasons the King of Thailand. We also pick our Player of the Weekend, look into our Crystal Balls and join Footballer Book Club.

Episode 1 is below. Hope you enjoy it!



London preview show dates announced!

Hey there chums,

I am doing a show at Edinburgh Festival this summer with my girlfriend Miranda Dawe. The show is called That Silly Show and it's, well, it's fun and silly!

Edinburgh kicks off in August but we have some preview shows in June and July in London and the dates are below...

  • Monday 22nd June Streetbeat Comedy , The Cuban, Camden
  • Sunday 28th June with the lovely Simon Caine at the Dogstar Brixton (doors 7:30pm/8pm)
  • Thursday 2nd July with That Thing is Comedy The Taproom Islington 8pm
  • Saturday 1st August 7:30pm & Sunday 2nd August 7pm 
  • Our previews will be at The Canal Cafe Theatre, Little Venice (nearer tube Warwick Avenue)
  • ALSO Friday 24th July we are co-hosting 21st Century Vaudeville at Duke St Theatre, High Wycombe so will be be showing bits of our show

Would love to see you all at any of them!

Jim x



1 million views!

Well this is Crazytown! I've reached 1 million views on my YouTube channel. Everyone who has watched one of my videos, or commented on it or shared it or liked it are absolute legends.

I have sooooo much fun making the videos, writing silly lyrics, singing like an idiot and sometimes dressing up and mucking around, so it's great to see people enjoying them. Comments recently have been overwhelmingly positive and lovely and I couldn't be more thankful.

I've started doing more regular vids and people seem to like that! Yay! To celebrate 1million views I've done a slightly different, non musical, but still silly video to celebrate. Watch it below and lemme know what you think!

Love ya!

J Dizzle xx



Winter nights

Time for another song! This week's is about Sepp Blatter being a dick and moving the World Cup from the summer to the winter.

And all because he chose Qatar for the 2022 tournament; that football-rich dynasty.

Here's my effort:



Broken the internet!

Wow! That was unexpected!

The Sanogo song I uploaded yesterday got kindly featured on some pretty big social accounts and websites (like Sport Bible and BBC Sporf) and as a result the video has had over 100,000 views in ONE day!

My twitter notifications have been going crazy and I've had looooads of lovely comments on YouTube. I can't thank everyone enough for all their kind words and supportive messages. It's nice that people get enjoyment from the silly ideas I have. And now I can tell the neighbours who I think were annoyed at my singing that it was worth it!

I've got lots more subscribers on my YouTube channel as a result (you can subscribe too here!) and I'm going to be doing weekly uploads. A warning though; they won't all be internet breakers like Let it Sanogo! But hopefully people will enjoy them.

Love you all loads!

Jim xxx



Let It Sanogo

I promised myself I wouldn't do a Let It Go parody. I PROMISED myself! But it turns out I have little to zero will power. So here's my latest song...about Yaya Sanogo.

To be fair his name fits perfectly and that is normally literally all I need to crack out another parody song.

I think I might have gone a bit harsh on the Arsenal striker - on loan at Palace. I was supposed to be a love song in the form of Chamakh For Good but I'm not sure it came out as much. Especially the final line. OH WELL!

If he starts scoring then I look like an idiot but Palace get goals and if he doesn't I was right! Win-win!

Anyway, here's the song. Please don't hate me too much Yaya!



Deadline Day

It's Deadline Day! The Christmas Eve of the football world. To commemorate what essentially should be a national holiday in the UK, I've written a song which probably won't make any sense to anyone not from Britain but hey, it's catchy guys!






Does anyone do blogs anymore?

I have no idea.  Probably not. It takes longer than six seconds to read a blog and...

OI! Pay attention! Stop looking at Twitter!

Goddamn it. To be fair I'm the same. I have a short attention span thanks to everything we read online these days being cut down to bitesize chunks and I often find my mind wandering on a nice walk in the parklife was a good song by Blur who...SEE! Now I'm doing it!

Anyway, I'm gonna blog here when stuff happens or I think of funny stuff (so never then! HAHA, brilliant heckle Jim. Thanks Jim). To kick off here's a Instagram video I've done and will be doing daily to stop myself going crazy at home all day.